It's finally happened, my niece is a two year old! As much as I love to watch her grow, it also hurts at the same time. She's already so smart; speaks english and spanish, counts, sings, and knows what she wants at all times. I love her infinitely and can't wait to see what good things life brings her way on her tiny little 2nd year of life.

My sister outdid herself (again, as usual) with her amazing decor and hosting skills. As if the all homemade food and cake weren't enough, she still finds time to put things together like a DIY light up twinkle sign and a star strung banner to hang around the ceiling. AMAZE!

P.S. It's also been year since I started my blog, and I'm pretty proud I've still kept it going. My first post was when Emi turned one (see it here) and I love the fact that her special day was what gave me that extra push I needed to finally start something I've always wanted to do. Thanks Emi!

Happy Birthday mi chiquitita, te amo! Photos and a video I put together, below :)

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