It might be this warm weather that has been coming and going these few days, but smoothies have been a big hit all over again lately. I feel like I only crave them when it's warm out, and I guess that's mostly because they're so refreshing and it just feels so right when the sun is beaming - either that or I'm in denial begging for it to be spring when in reality it's only mid-February. This green smoothie is one of my faves and if your a fan of avocados you should definitely try it out too!

I used:
2 cups of orange juice
1 whole avocado
1 banana
1/2 cup of vanilla yogurt

I use the NutriBullet to blend everything together and it works like a charm! But any blender or juicer will have you downing this smoothie in no time as well.


So we decided to spend our first married Valentines Day in the comfort of our new little home cooking ourselves a delicious homemade dinner. The choice was easy since both of our favorite food is seafood - therefore, LOBSTER TAILS (with asparagus and polenta on the side)! I made some quick decor out of pink ribbons leftover from our wedding altar (so glad I saved all those) and listened to some of our favorite records on the player I got him for Christmas. It makes music so much more romantic for some reason :) I feel like the luckiest woman getting to spend all my days with this guy.

For dessert: Double Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies <3 


My tiny little niece had her first birthday celebration this weekend! It makes me incredibly happy to be so close to her and to have the opportunity to watch her grow. In honor of her super special day, my sister and her husband threw her the cutest Birthday Brunch ever. So of course that means mini pancakes, spanish omelets, sausage bites, and most definitely a mimosa bar ;)