So basically I'm traveling to South America twice this year, and all I can think about from now until then is "HURRY UP, TIME!" I'm visiting Andres's home country (Bolivia) in February, and then visiting my family's home country (Colombia) in May. Since travel is all I can think about lately, I went digging for some of our photos from our trip to Europe that we took in 2009 (I was 20 - seems like ages ago), and thought I'd share and reminisce a little on the thought of vacation!

We had gone to Czech Republic to visit my (now) sister-in-laws family who lives in Plzen and got to tour around a few cities including Prague. Then, since the countries are all pretty close by we hopped on a beautiful train ride to Italy where we got to hang out and visit our friend who lived in Verona.

Sidenote: These pictures were taken during my pre-DSLR days, so I kinda have to hand it to my trusty Sony Cybershot for being capable of capturing such amazing sceneries! Enjoy :)