I only mostly enjoy watching soccer when the World Cup comes on (every four years) but even more so when one of my families countries is playing. I'm half Colombian and half Venezuelan, and since Colombia made it to the World Cup this year, I'll obviously be rooting for them. I thought it'd only be appropriate to watch their great game against Uruguay on the most gigantic screen we could find - that being the National Harbor.

We brought a small picnic and laid out our blanket as close to the screen as we could get before the whole lawn started to get packed with people. But of course, as soon as half time came around, that clear 90 degree weather day forced us to run over to a bar and hide out. At least it was a bar with a just as awesome view, and a smaller chance of frying up like an egg.


It feels good to escape your usual weekend routine every once in a while, and luckily last weekend Andres and I got to do just that. We drove over to Brooklyn to visit a few of my best friends from middle school and enjoyed time together as much as we could.

I'd been to New York plenty of times, but oddly enough I can't say I'd ever had a picnic in Central Park - and I was SO looking forward to it. We got some snacks from Whole Foods and planted ourselves on the nearest shade we could find, played a few rounds of Taboo (girls won!), and simply enjoyed the views and the weather.

At night it was dinner and cotton candy over at the japanese restaurant Kenka, followed by too much dancing and singing at a nearby bar/club.