My first time baking, frosting, and decorating a cake all on my own. I'd say that's something to celebrate!


It's been a little over year since the last time I went to visit my New York friends...aka way too long. Thank for showing me all over Queens and NYC, guys!


Cheers to the freakin' weekend (I'll drink to that). This Independence Day gave us an awesome 3 day weekend and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate it. We had so much fun over at Front Royal Canoe rafting on the Shenandoah River!


I'm not sure there are enough words I could put together that would allow me to express how happy I am about our recent trip to Colombia. Not only have I been wanting to visit this country for many years, I've also wanted to have the opportunity to travel there with my mom and grandparents. They are the only people I could ever envision being my personal tour guides! I feel so incredibly lucky to have been there when they all landed back in their country after such a long time. There really is no place like home!

Fortunately, we got way more out of the trip than we even thought we would have time for. For most of our trip we were in Bogota but we also visited the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira, the Teleferico de Monserrate, El Museo del Oro, and we even had time to fly to another city (Medellin) to then travel by bus and get to a small town my grandpa grew up in called Jerico. This was the cutest little town I've ever seen and not to mention our bed & breakfast we stayed in was a total dreamland.

Speaking of dreams, I must end on the note that plenty of mine occurred during this trip! Beginning with getting to hear my families stories while in the setting of their homeland - all the way to watching a private Carlos Vives concert happen just 15 feet away from me!