So I scored this really cute bar cart from Apartment Therapy Classifieds (a site i'm constantly checking for great vintage finds) and brought it home with me the day I spotted it. Although I didn't know exactly what I was going to do to it, I did know that it's shape and size was just perfect to replace our old, wobbly, thrifted one from a few years ago.

I went with white because we already have a lot of wood tones in our living room area and I really wanted to lighten the space up. I spray painted the wheels gold and with the help of Andres and his drill skills, he put some brass handles on the sides just to add some detail to the cart.

I'm in love!


So this weekend officially marks 1 year of Andres and I being homeowners! Wow, it feels pretty good to say that, actually. I had no idea how our first year would go, NO IDEA. But I'm so happy to say it has been easy-peasy. For my own sake, mostly, I wanted to put together some photos so I could compare how much our house has become our home in these last 12 months. But it also seemed appropriate to share this on my little blog with you all and celebrate it as it should be.

I had no vision of how much our little space would evolve over our first year (and I didn't know I'd be documenting a follow-up) so I didn't think about photographing a before tour of my house. Luuuckily, I was able to dig up some pictures that were on the listing from when this whole house hunting process began. It's also funny to see that those are the photos that made us say "this is the one", but I'm pretty good at seeing things for their full potential and once we took a tour of it, we were sure this place had extremely good bones.

Just to give you an idea of how many changes we actually made to this house here is a small breakdown of things we did: just about every light fixture got updated, re-tiled bathroom floors, updated kitchen appliances (oven is next!), and just about every wall got painted, or un-painted if were referring to those horrid blue and white clouds from the master bedroom. I'm so glad to say, though, that all of these things are just cosmetics, and not full-on renovations. Our home just needed to be "prettied up".

And lastly, I'd like to think of this as a "during" more than an "after". "After" makes me feel like I have to be finished. Which I don't think I'll ever be. I'm constantly changing things around in my home and knowing me, I've probably already swapped out the couch cushions or rearranged the wall art at this point.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy a small tour of the Calderon home!