It was a nice and long, full 10 day vacation that consisted mostly of family bonding, cold desserts, and lots and lots of water time. Andres' parents live in the Tampa Bay area so it's super nice to have a place to stay whenever we feel like making a trip to Florida. But what made it extra special this time around was that his sister and her family (who we hadn't see in about 2 years) came to visit from the Czech Republic. It was so fun getting to play with his niece and nephew and seeing how happy Andres was to get to be with his closest family members. I really wish we could have all extended our trip to at least a month...only in my dreams.

Anyways, I hope you're all having a fantastic summer so far!

P.S. I couldn't be any happier that we got a Go Pro right before our trip here. It was totally worth all the cool underwater and watersport pictures/videos we got with this thing!

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