I must start by saying I'm incredible grateful for all my family and friends who wished me a Happy Birthday this year. Secondly, I must say I'm incredibly thankful for everything my husband did for me this birthday weekend. He definitely outdid himself!

Since Andres and I were gone the weekend of my actual birthday, I had a small get together with some friends a few days before it. Just in case some of you don't know, I'm addicted to doughnuts and as you can see I couldn't help myself from building a small doughnut tower with a dozen of my favorite flavors. (I'm not the biggest "traditional cake" fan) I also LOVE seafood so Andres insisted he make his world famous ceviche!

Not only all that, but he had a whole weekend getaway planned for us too. He took us on a roadtrip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where we got to soak in some sun and beach waves, eat some boardwalk fries and funnel cake (again - not a traditional birthday cake kinda girl), and the absolute BEST part of the birthday, we got to PLAY with baby tigers!!! Andres had reserved us a tour at the T.I.G.E.R.S. Preservation Station and we got a ton of personal interaction with these cuties - belly rubs and all! I highly recommend this place for you animal lovers out there. It was truly an unforgettable experience that will live with me forever. <3 


  1. Aww the tigers look so sweet and cuddly! I want one!! I am happy you guys had a great Adventure :D Looking forward to your next blog girl!

    1. Thanks Vane!! We had an incredible time — I know you would adore this place too!!