So I recently came across this awesome little bamboo box at a thrift store that I just knew had plenty of potential. This craft really couldn't have been easier, which I'm sure we can all agree are the best kind! I decided on a shape I wanted to paint on it and just taped it off with masking tape. For the paint I used what I had on hand which was black acrylic paint, but you could probably get the job done twice as fast with spray paint, too.

You might laugh but what really took the longest was deciding what I wanted to use it as. Believe it or not, I found way more uses for it than it was probably intended for; utensil holder, flower vase...but I finally decided on a planter! Luckily it came with a plastic bin inside which worked perfectly to hold the soil.

I love that now every time I walk through our upstair hallway I get to peek into the guestroom/office and see this fun pattern brightening up that plain white shelf!

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